I’m still standing

HELLO HELLO HELLO. Yes, I’m still alive and no, I have not forgotten about you wonderful readers! I was on holiday with a friend of mine and we literally walked like 2000 steps per day so I was far too tired to even consider blogging. My holiday was amazing, I saw so much and took so many photographs and my body is still in agony from it all, so if my legs aren’t made of steel pretty soon, I’ll be hella mad.

Okay, so moving on to all of the nitty gritty (I know that’s why you’re here), not much has happened since I’ve been away to be honest, I (obviously) haven’t met up with anyone knew but the messages are still flooding in and I’ve been doing my best to reply. In regards to the man that I went for coffee with, yeah I fucked that up but I’m actually not really that bothered tbh; like I wasn’t really that comfortable with that whole arrangement anyway, so him not talking to me anymore because I wanted to get paid per meet (a girls gotta eat). However, that being said, my inbox has not been inactive.

There was this one guy that I was messaging for a while (we even exchanged phone numbers, which I haven’t done with anyone else). He wanted the girlfriend experience, which was whenever he was in town he wanted to meet up and grab dinner, have sleepovers etc. I told him that I wasn’t comfortable sleeping with him because I didn’t actually know him and he seemed fine with that. BUTTTTT (because there’s always a but) when I was away he messaged me saying that he had booked a hotel room and asked if we could skip dinner (?????) so naturally, I messaged back all like ‘eh sorry but I think we might have a communication error because it was literally only supposed to be dinner’ and he was all ‘oh right, well I guess I’ll cancel the hotel room then’ and I was all ‘okay, sorry, but I don’t feel comfortable having sex with you considering we haven’t actually met before’ (because that’s so difficult to understand?). So then he messaged me again all like ‘Look, don’t think this is a good time to meet as I’m away for work for two months and I really wanted to blow off some steam before I go and since you don’t want to do what I’m looking for I think we should cancel’.

So then that got me thinking, because this guy had already agreed that he would be fine just getting to know each other before it got like super heavy, and then he just goes and changes his mind and then bails? (again, not really bothered). But what if every guy that I meet does that? Then a friend of mine was all like “what did you really think this was? Like guys only want sex from you, nothing else” which I thought was actually super mean but whatever, in the spirit of letting shit go and all that.

This really made me want to quit this whole thing and just ignore it and hope that it goes away and never think of it again, but then I remembered that I’m doing this for research (because for some reason or another I have completely lost my ability to write and this is getting me to write again) and I’m being safe and smart etc. So, I’m going to give it another try. Hopefully guy number 3 will be decent.

So, let’s talk about guy number 3. Let’s call him Steve. Steve and I are having dinner tonight, he’s made reservations at a fancy place in the city, and he seems nice. Once I told him about the whole ‘pay per meet’ thing he was a bit put off because he’s never done anything like this before either (or so he claims). I replied to him and said that I would only be looking for financing for the first few meets (mainly because I got a cash flow problem at the moment – which obviously I didn’t tell him) and he said that was fine. He’s like really funny and he’s actually really cute and sweet. I’m pretty excited/nervous about tonight. Like, what if it goes horribly and he’s mean? I suppose I could just leave. It’s not like we’re going to be in an isolated zone or whatever, it’s literally going to be in the heart of the city and I’m going to Uber to and from there so it’s not like he’s going to follow me home and try to kill me or whatever. I’m also excited because he seems genuine and also the food in the place we’re going is supposed to be amazing so I’m pretty happy with that – should probably check that they have an allergy menu or I’m going to be eating water. Being allergic to half of the planet is kind of irritating at times.

Anyway, so yeah that’s pretty much it. There have been messages from other people but nothing noteworthy, OH OH OH

THIS ONE GUY ASKED IF WE COULD MEET UP AND HE WOULD PAY ME TO “LICK, KISS AND SUCK MY TOES” –his words, not mine. Which is super weird and I hit the delete button on that thing so damn fast!

So yeah, in my new found sugarbaby life, it’s pretty boring and I’m still no closer to being financially sound. If tonight doesn’t go well, I may be forced to finish this piece of research right here and write the article I’ve been promising to write. That’s all I’ve got for now, I will write again tonight and fill you in on the happenings.



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