Day two – the hunt.

Okay, so I have been approved (yaaaay – I hope). After being approved I spent maybe half an hour going through some profiles, liking people and I sent like 2 messages saying ‘hello’ (basic – I know, shut up) and then I took a nap and cleaned my house. So here I am, my profile has been active for about 4 hours, I have received 6 messages and 10 favourites (that’s when you think someone is hot but you’re too boring to actually message them, it’s like a notification that says HEY YOU MIGHT HAVE POTENTIAL BUT I’M NOT TOO SURE YET SO BRB. Which is always fun.

I’m currently sitting here at 4.30PM with a charcoal face mask on and in my batman PJ’s acting like I’m sophisticated and shit. It’s hilarious really. Anyway, I was seriously SOOOOO close to closing my profile, the sinking realisation of what I had actually signed up for hit me like a steel train and I lay in bed last night wanting to shower and exfoliate like seventeen times. I don’t know about you guys but I just felt super gross about the whole situation. But yeah, I’m over that. I keep telling myself that guys are going to break my heart regardless, I may as well get something out of the situation. So here I am, persevering.

The messages are all pretty basic, asking how I am and what my plans are for the week. I’ve dropped the ‘it’s my birthday tomorrow’ bombshell on the few potential suitors, so we’ll see how that settles. (Maybe I’ll get a little surprise – or maybe I’m too optimistic???).

My facemask feels weird, like it’s starting to harden and I can’t move my face (weirdddd but also kinda digging it, CLEAR MY PORES PLEASEEEEEEE). It’s that peel off one that’s supposed to hurt like hell but you’re supposed to be beautiful after it, so here’s hoping (I’ll keep you updated on that too- haha).

I’m starting to wonder how much of my day I’m supposed to devote to this site, like how many times are you supposed to message someone? How keen are you supposed to be? How do you even start this whole ‘arrangement’ thing?? So many questions!!!!

I guess that’s why I’m doing this, to answer any questions you may have (if you ever decide that you wanna try this out too I guess?)

Anyway, I’m going to stop rambling now and check my messages. Hopefully there’s something nice there, it’s been what, ten minutes?

Update on the facemask, hurt like a bitch and I don’t look different -_-‘

My face is tingling now though, which is weird lmao. I’m so bad at this whole blogging thing, can’t even stay on topic.

Okay, so I’m currently messaging a few people and this one guy hits out with “so, what are you looking for?” and then I realised something, I HAVE NO IDEA WHAT THE FUCK I’M EVEN DOING. So, I told him that (I realise now that it was probably a mistake but fuck it, I gotta learn somehow!)

I promise to keep you updated with what happens next, I need to get ready to hang out with friends and then I’m working out later so busy busy bee. I”ll probably write another post at some point tonight if there is any progress.

Thanks for reading, hopefully I’ll actually have something worth reading about in my next post haha.



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