Day two: part two – small talk.

Despite calling this entry ‘small talk’ – this wasn’t actually something that was done often. Once we passed the niceties stage of the conversation, the men that I encountered were very quick to tell me what was expected of me. One guy, offered me £200 per meet up to exchange massages, that’s it. He claims that he was not looking for anything of a sexual nature, just the massages (which sounds relatively dubious to me like one of two things might happen, 1 – he’s a serial killer or 2- he wants to get laid but he doesn’t want to necessarily pay for the sex because it makes him feel bad, so instead he pays for the massage and he counts the sex as free?)

Something that kind of caught me off guard was how easy it was to talk to men, to tell them what I was looking for and to be understanding when they explained themselves. It was actually super straight forward, no bullshit. Weird, huh?

So, because I am probably the laziest person in the entire planet, I have enlisted the help of my best friend. She’s pretty much being my online presence, building rapport etc with these men and promised to be my personal driver / security person (idk what to even describe it as?). Anyway, she’s pretty much doing all the talking for me because I totally suck at it, which is weird because I write so it’s kinda like, why can’t I do both? And I totally could, if I could be bothered and as I’ve already said, I’m lazy and I hate small talk with a serious passion.

So, moving on. Let me tell you all about what I have been offered and what my current plans are. One gentleman has offered me a few thousand per month for two or three sessions per month (sessions are like dinner etc). I mean, I’m not a financial adviser or anything but that does sound pretty decent to me. Of course there’s the whole ‘omg but he could be a murdered or he could hurt you’ scenario but you know what, call me crazy but I think I’ll risk it.

Another man has offered to take me travelling to Budapest for a while, which again, kinda makes you think “he’s totally going to drug you and sell you on the black market” – and despite the fact that I still really want to go, despite the obvious, is that work wouldn’t accommodate for that sort of thing. Which totally sucks.

Basically, so far, I have arranged one coffee date for tomorrow morning (on my birthday so idk whether it will actually make or break the event but fuck it) and I guess I’ll report back to you after that. There have been other messages all offering different things (super interesting fun fact, I have received a few messages from guys who say that they’re not willing to finance you, but that they want a good time. Which is kind of hilarious considering they’re on a sugar daddy website?? Like maybe try tinder love, that might be more your speed?)

Anyway, there are a few potential suitors that I may or may not be inclined to see, but I guess I’ll just be sticking with coffee dates and online chat for the time being. Don’t want to rush into anything just yet, especially since I’m going on holiday on Friday haha. If anything of interest happens before tomorrow’s coffee date, then I’ll be back, until then, have a good night everyone!


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