Just breathe, and feel.

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They tell you that you need to open yourself up to it. Experience it for exactly what it is. Trust in it and let it consume you. Let it take over every ounce of your skin and force your mind into the darkness. Just breathe, and feel. And when it’s all over, and trust me when I say that it will be over soon, it won’t last for forever. When it’s all over, you’ll stand up and wipe away your frustrated tears for the last time. Your self-worth will be so obvious, you’ll wonder how you ever let them treat you that way. Once it’s done, your soul will shine and radiate peace. Once you’re over them, you’ll be free. But here’s the catch, you can’t be free or at peace until you’ve felt it. So here’s your sign. Open yourself up to the bitter consequence of love and let the pain consume you.