Vibrant, green and full of life is nature all around. Petals grow and wilt, and fall to lifelessly the ground. Leaves turn golden before they’re brown, and red in the fall. The weather gets warmer before its colder, but this isn’t new to us all.
For the world will change and sometimes it’s hard. And things will grow and occasionally fall apart. But that’s what happens in the world we see. Change is sometimes scary, but always necessary. So embrace your change and pay attention to what you have. For what you have might become what you had and you might not even notice.


I’ll wait.


And you’re stuck in a rut and you’re wondering what the point in all of this is. What’s the point of pain? Why would anyone put themselves through this agony? Because eventually they might find someone? Why would anyone let their heart break over and over and over again. What’s the point? And you’ll scream through the tears as you drink from a half empty vodka bottle and I’ll never know the answer. I’ll never know the right thing to say. I’ll just hold your hand and smooth down your hair and I’ll wait for you to fall asleep. Where the pain subsides and the peace takes over, if only for a little while. And I’ll wait, and wait, and wait. I’ll wait for your heart to mend, for the damage to fade and for your happiness to reappear. I’ll make you smile and I’ll make you laugh and I’ll wait. And when you’re ready. When we’re both ready. I’ll look so deeply into your eyes that I’ll be able to speak to your soul and I’ll tell you what I have been dying to confess since the beginning. What I’ve held back and bit my tongue over a thousand times. I’ll tell you that I love you. That I always have. And that I always will. And I’ll wait. I’ll wait for your response. And I’ll be scared, damn. I’ll be fucking petrified but I’ll tell you anyway. I’ll tell you because at the end of the day, I’d rather let it out, than let my secrets destroy me. And I’ll hope, that you’ll be able to see how good I would be. How loyal, honest and adoring. I’ll hope you’ll smile and wrap your arms around my neck and we’ll be happy. I hope, I hope, I hope. But until then. Until we’re both ready. I’ll sit by your side, and hold your hand while you cry. I’ll tell you that it will be okay, because it simply has to be. We have to be.

Or else, what’s the point?